Grant Application



The Hawaii Life Charitable Fund makes grants to programs that work to preserve Hawaii’s beauty and culture by supporting it’s people. Each year a theme is chosen by Hawaii Life agents and grants are awarded to organizations whose charitable purposes fall within the theme. For the 2018 calendar year the theme of “Caring for our Keiki” was selected. Thus, for 2018 grants of a minimum of $5,000 shall be awarded to those organizations that provide services geared toward Hawaii’s children. The HLCF may make grants in other areas of interest but unsolicited proposals outside it’s priority interest will not be considered


Eligibility & Restrictions

  • Applicants must have 501(c)(3) status and be in good standing.
  • Organizations that HLCF supports will focus on local, grassroots organizations based in the state of Hawaii.
  • All previous grants must be completed with the submission of a final report before an organization is eligible to apply for a new grant.
  • The term of the grant is one year.
  • The HLCF does not accept incomplete applications or applications from organizations with overdue final reports.
  • Hawaii Life Charitable Fund is a donor advised fund of Hawaii Community Foundation. All grant recommendations are advisory in nature and not binding on the Foundation.


Application Process

Step 1) Submit a cover letter with the following information:

  • Name of Organization
  • Point of Contact
  • Phone
  • Email

Step 2) Complete a proposal narrative outlining the following items:

  • Tell us about your organization, its mission, history, year established, and staff size (1500 characters max).
  • Describe the issue or opportunity to be addressed by the HLCF grant (3000 characters max).
  • Describe how funds will be utilized within your organization, i.e. products, services, etc. and a timeline (4500 characters max). 

Step 3) Additional required documents:

  • Board of Directors list
  • IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter
  • Organizations annual operating budget for the current year
  • Organization’s balance sheet for the most recently completed fiscal year
  • Organization’s income statement (or profit/loss statement) for the most recently completed fiscal year. Audited financial statements are preferred by not required.


Application Deadline

All completed applications must be received by April 30, 2018 for consideration at the April Board of Director’s meeting. All completed grant applications or questions can be directed to

Grant applications for the 2019 grant cycle will be accepted after January 1, 2019. More information regarding our 2019 grant cycle giving focus will be available at that time.


Mahalo for making our community a better place!